Web Application Developer at www.Practo.com

Web Application Developer at www.Practo.com [Closed]



Important Dates

Start Date: June 23, 2012
End Date : May 31, 2016

Deadline: June 30, 2012

Eligibility Undergrad Level,Grad Level

Type of Opportunity Full-time job


Published OnJune 23, 2012

About Us

We, at Practo make online software which simplifies the lives of doctors and patients. We help more than 20,000 doctors across 100 cities in India run their practices smoothly and serve their patients better. We are not building the regular old school \'Medical Records Software\' but an awesome new way for doctors and patients to interact utilizing the internet, mobile and more. Healthcare is one of the slowest industries to adopt to technology, and we are fighting this battle to bring about change. We deserve better healthcare services as patients and we will get them, through Practo\'s products.

General problems and difficulties of the society are our motivation. We derive satisfaction by solving them.

Innovativeness, working hard and simplicity are our genes.

Enthusiasm, experimentation and ownership form the backbone of our culture.

“Do everything you love” defines us.

“Colleagues can never become friends” is just a notion for anyone who knows us deeply.

Our core concentration is in cutting down all that is unnecessary and giving our users the smoothest yet powerful experience on the web.

Interested in working for us? Looking for a job here? NO please… We don’t have any jobs…..

Do you share a similar dream? Are you a geek? Have you built some cool stuff? Want to give a boost to your career? You are welcome. We have careers!! in-fact, the best of them.

Back End Opportunity

You eat, drink, think and run web like a war-general with an eye for intricate details. You mostly live in the worlds of servers, request and response. You are a hands-on-technocrat who writes PHP code with stunning grace. You can work on MVC frameworks (preferably in PHP) with astounding ease. You have a brilliant track-record of web application development and implementation. You have pushed the envelope in a similar role on languages like PHP, Python and Ruby. (Bonus points if you have an active Github account) You are passionate about performance and automating the boring. You love big discoveries and value the focus and craft to execute upon them. If you have been nodding your head in agreement all the while, send us your resume.

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