Team Lead for Primary Education at Skilled Samaritan

Team Lead for Primary Education at Skilled Samaritan [Closed]

Team Lead for Primary Education at Skilled Samaritan [Closed]

WhereNew Delhi

OrganizerSkilled Samaritan(NGO/Non-profit/Social enterprise)

Important Dates

Deadline: July 31, 2012

Eligibility Undergrad Level,Grad Level,Postgrad Level,Non-students

Type of Opportunity Volunteering


Published OnJuly 19, 2012

About the Project

The Project aims to enhance Local Capacity to address issues in Education, Women Empowerment, Healthcare, Sanitation and Clean Technologies. It involves formation of ‘Skilled Communities’ within the Social contexts of the above rendered issues. The ‘Skilled Community’ so formed will be a composite of a Native Representative, The Lead Volunteer and other appointed Volunteers (The Samaritans). There may well be contributions of independent Research Personnel, Organizations or other institutional Bodies to further facilitate the operations of these Communities (as the Need Assessment in each issue dictates). The Samaritans therefore befriend the Natives and gain hands on Learning by working in these Projects under the shelter of Professionals, Scientists, Scholars, Fellows and other Professional bodies involved. This enables them to have a Professional Baking in addition to the Volunteering Zest. Every Skilled Community with a diverse mix devoted to an issue therefore makes the model Focussed, accountable, Project Centric, Empowering and hence Sustainable.

Volunteer Description, Roles, Advantages and Other Requisites

Team Leader for Primary School Education Project

Skilled Samaritan provides internships opportunities for teachers/academicians interested in
transforming the education structure of rural villages in India where we concentrate in the region
of Sirohi an hour away from New Delhi as our Pilot project.

The children in Sirohi do not have proper teachers and have a disorganized curriculum, which does not motivate them to stay in school. We believe that class room teaching cannot solve the purpose and aim to design a scheme that will holistically develop a child.

The internship provides the chance to teach the students in rural communities as well as to make
a significant impact in the curriculum of the schools.


An enthusiastic individual with good idea of Elementary Education with eccentricity to Rural Landscape, willing to work with Rural children with less Prerequisites, is fluent in Hindi (possibly dialects of Haryana), Possesses excellent Civic Knowledge and Oratory Skills, has idea of Education Machinery in Rural areas, is a Good Counsellor and is overall dynamic.


I. Devise Curriculum
II. Capacity Building of Existing Teachers and Staff
III. Frequent chats with Parents to give a hiked Turnouts and discourage dropouts
IV. Recruitment of other Volunteers as per the Project needs
V. Produce monthly Reports of Project impact, cash flows, Suggestive Measure..etc to SSF
VI. Work in collaboration with the Native Representative, School Teachers and possibly other entities
VII. Is accountable for the activities of ‘Skilled Community’
VIII. To meet with the local resource atleast once a week to keep communication intact
IX. Create Partnerships and collborations with organizations focused in the field/sector
X. Assit with fundraising and collecting the required amount for implementation of prjects
XI. Build a community of enthuastic volunteers

Other Requisites:-

Gender – NO BAR
Qualification: -graduate/post graduate or a fellow with suitable skills
Location : New Delhi

This is a volunteer program and an unpiad internship to help give you hands- on experience in working with rural communities while acting as a project lead for the Education Program.

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