PR Internship in Social Enterprise, Skilled Samaritan Foundation

PR Internship in Social Enterprise, Skilled Samaritan Foundation [Closed]

PR Internship in Social Enterprise, Skilled Samaritan Foundation [Closed]


OrganizerSkilled Samaritan Foundation(NGO/Non-profit/Social enterprise)

Important Dates

Start Date: May 25, 2012
End Date : July 10, 2012

Deadline: May 20, 2012

Eligibility Undergrad Level,Grad Level,Postgrad Level,Non-students

Type of Opportunity Internship/Training


Published OnMay 16, 2012

The Skilled Samaritan is a young social enterprise. We believe a better future can be attained when talented individuals, research professionals, and socially conscious citizens have opportunities to gain hands-on experiences and grassroots exposure to social and economic issues that interest them. We offer connections to organizations and local communities that will provide our volunteers with personal and professional growth and allow them to create meaningful changes in society.

We aim to provide collaborative and sustainable development to poorer communities in India through our network of resourceful organizations and human resources. Our model focuses on enhancing local capacity to address issues in sanitation, health care , social & environment issues. For the same we seek, students conducting Independent research , Organizations providing appropriate technology and individuals who want to gain hands on learning by working on these projects.

Internship Requirements: We are looking for talented individuals with good communication and writing skills, who are motivated to work in the social sector. Social Entrepreneurs who are still in college and would like to get an experience of how the whole sector functions are a perfect fit.

What you do?

There are many organizations working in the social sector in various fields. This gives an opportunity to collaborate and create an impact. As an intern you will be involved in various aspects of the organization with your major responsibilities listed below.

1) Understand the business model of Skilled Samaritan Foundation.

2) Find organizations that can fit with our current model and explore the possibility of a partnership.

3) Conduct primary research on the projects of such organizations and gather all possible details.

4) Contact NGOs/organizations and follow up with them.

What you get?

1) Experience of working in a young social venture and be involved in all aspects of it. A certificate will be awarded at the end of internship period.

2) Freedom to come up with new ideas and carry them forward.

3) Stipend of 2000 INR for the internship period.

4) Build a valuable network in the social sector for future.

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