Operation Officer for Renewable Energy in Rural India at Skilled Samaritan

Operation Officer for Renewable Energy in Rural India at Skilled Samaritan [Closed]

Operation Officer for Renewable Energy in Rural India at Skilled Samaritan [Closed]

WhereNew Delhi

OrganizerSkilled Samaritan(NGO/Non-profit/Social enterprise)

Important Dates

Deadline: July 31, 2012

Eligibility Undergrad Level,Grad Level,Postgrad Level,Non-students

Type of Opportunity Volunteering


Published OnJuly 20, 2012

Project Note:

The Project aims to enhance Local Capacity to address issues in Education, Women Empowerment, Healthcare, Sanitation and Clean Technologies. It involves formation of ‘Skilled Communities’ within the Social contexts of the above rendered issues. The ‘Skilled Community’ so formed will be a composite of a Native Representative, The Lead Volunteer and other appointed Volunteers (The Samaritans). There may well be contributions of independent Research Personnel, Organizations or other institutional Bodies to further facilitate the operations of these Communities (as the Need Assessment in each issue dictates). The Samaritans therefore befriend the Natives and gain hands on Learning by working in these Projects under the shelter of Professionals, Scientists, Scholars, Fellows and other Professional bodies involved. This enables them to have a Professional Baking in addition to the Volunteering Zest. Every Skilled Community with a diverse mix devoted to an issue therefore makes the model Focussed, accountable, Project Centric, Empowering and hence Sustainable.


Relevant knowledge of Solar PV installations and economy aspects, low power LED lighting, Domestic lighting needs, energy audits and possibly a previous exposure to similar Projects (not necessarily in Rural Landscape)


I. Carry out Energy Audits and introduce economic alternate energy systems in the existing infrastructure
II. Grievance- addressal
III. Formulate and execute Action Plans to check hooking, tampering and other indiscriminate Practices
IV. Utilize relevant Govt. Policies and Schemes (RGGVY, Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission, Subsidies on Biogas) for development Projects
V. Periodic Reports and Audits
VI. Accountable for the ‘Skilled Community’
VII. Create Partnerships and collborations with organizations focused in the field/sector
VIII. Assist with fundraising and collecting the required amount for implementation of projects
IX. Build a community of enthusiastic volunteers

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