Mozilla Ignite

Mozilla Ignite [Closed]

Mozilla Ignite [Closed]


OrganizerMozilla(Professional Association)

Important Dates

Deadline: October 20, 2012

Eligibility Undergrad Level,Grad Level,Postgrad Level,Non-students

Type of Opportunity Competition/Contest


Published OnJuly 4, 2012

Mozilla is calling all developers, network engineers and community catalysts...

The Mozilla Ignite Challenge is broken into four rounds

1. Brainstorming Round (from now till August 23, 2012 Optional but recommended)
2. Development Round 1 (Oct. 4 - 25)
3. Development Round 2 (Nov. 8 - Dec. 19)
4. Development Round 3 (Jan. 16 - Mar 27)

The participant can take part in any one of the Development Round or all the three rounds.

As networks become faster and more programmable, the competition is looking for innovative civic uses of new potential like:

a) Speed: How can developers take advantage of gigabit-per-second connections?
b) Video: What can we do with zero-latency, high definition video?
c) Big Data: How can we leverage complex calculations at super high-speed?
d) Programmable networks: What can we do with unique routing, slicing and more?

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