Gramya Manthan (Rural Immersion Program) at Youth Alliance

Gramya Manthan (Rural Immersion Program) at Youth Alliance [Closed]

Gramya Manthan (Rural Immersion Program) at Youth Alliance [Closed]


OrganizerYouth Alliance(NGO/Non-profit/Social enterprise)

Important Dates

Start Date: June 16, 2012
End Date : June 24, 2012

Deadline: May 6, 2012

Eligibility Undergrad Level,Grad Level,Postgrad Level,Non-students

Type of Opportunity Internship/Training


Published OnApril 24, 2012

Gramya Manthan....rediscovering Bharat !

India lives in villages. This is one of the most common saying we have heard but there are very few who want to go and understand the problems that are being faced by our villages.

Gramya Manthan (Rural Immersion Program) aims at bridging the gap between India and Bharat. It will select 50 most amazing hearts from the country and take them on a rural exploration. The idea is to make youth realize the pressing issues of our country, it will help them understand the problems of our villages and execute solution during the course of program.

Gramya Manthan is dedicated to developing social leaders; well-rounded youngsters who are equipped with leadership skills to solve the challenges faced by Indian villages. Its core aim is to ignite young hearts with holistic concern for their society and nation.

Program Structure:

Gramya Manthan (rural immersion program) is divided in three stages:

Part 1: Induction and Case Studies of model villages of India (first two days)

Part 2: Living the way villagers live (a day with a village family)

Part 3: Work in a village and address one of the prevailing problems coupled with group reflections, sharing and leadership forums


The program will start on June 16, 2012 and end on June 24, 2012. It is a full-time residential program and will take place in Kanpur Dehaat (approximately 70-80 km away from Kanpur City), Uttar Pradesh, India.

There would be leadership sessions with people who have pioneered solutions for rural India; interaction with local authorities in order to understand the problems in a better way and what stops in execution of potentially great policies.

Apply Now:

We are going to select 50 young people from across the globe and take them on a journey of rural exploration. It will be a 9 day (Weekend to Weekend) residential program in the remotest part of our country with the intent to rediscover Bharat by experiencing burning issues !

Applicants can complete their forms both in English and Hindi.

(आप अपना फॉर्म हिंदी में भी लिख सकते है )

Last date to apply for Gramya Manthan is 6 May, 2012 12PM (IST)

Selection Process:

Step 1: Online Application Form

Step 2: Telephonic/ Skype Interview

Who are we looking for ?

Our goal is to select students and young professionals who are high on commitment and passionate about bridging the gap in the society and are keen at working in rural India.


The program will take place in the month on June from 16 to 24 June, 2012. Fees of Rs 11000/(Eleven thousand only) shall be payable by all the selected candidates (We will provide full and part scholarships to the deserving candidates and also help you in raising funds for you) We will manage your food, stay and all other mandatory requirements during the program Participants have to reach Kanpur by 15th June night or early morning on June 16th For International applicants fees of $ 500 shall be payable after selection The program will take place in a village near Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) in North India The living conditions would be as per the conditions of the native place The temperature would be around 45 degree Celcius

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