Event Organiser: Rio+You Global Campaign

Event Organiser: Rio+You Global Campaign [Closed]


OrganizerRio+You(International Agency)

Important Dates

Start Date: April 15, 2012
End Date : April 23, 2012

Deadline: April 14, 2012

Eligibility Undergrad Level,Grad Level,Postgrad Level,Non-students

Type of Opportunity Volunteering


Published OnApril 9, 2012

This oppurtunity is to organise events and work with the Road To Rio+20 coalition for organising Rio+You campsign in your city/ community.

More details about Rio+You are given below:

is not a institution, there are no bosses and no owners.
Rio+You is the desire to change, to participate, to yell, to propose and, above all, to work together for a better world.
Rio+YOU is a youth movement for any person that wishes to join the global change.

What are Rio+YOU objectives?

• To generate consciênce and put theory into practice.
• To nurture a global network of young people compromised with sustainable developlment.
• To raise massive awareness of the importance of Rio+20.

How are we going to acheive our objectives? On the 22nd of April 2012 (Earth Day), we will organize a sincronized event in over 50 cities around the world. With this great event we wish to call atention of the mídia, mobilize thousands of people for the conference to come and to raise bigger awareness. (How can a shampoo brand have more fans in Facebook that Severn Suzuki, the girl that rose in fronte of the United Nations to demand her future at the age of 12.) Beyond the event, the mobiliz
ation will be organizing events around the world and will take part in important events such as the World Social Forum (thematic Rio+20) in Porto Alegre, Brasil (January 2012).
Rio+YOU was presented in COP17 and COY (Conference of Youth) in Durban, South Africa (December 2012). The participation will follow until Rio+20, in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (June 2012), where many youth meeting and events will be held with yousters from all over the world.

Why is Rio+YOU diferent from other mobilizations?

Rio+YOU is not owned by anyone, it’s for everyone. Just like water and air.
• NGOs, Institutions, Companies and all those that wish to participate are welcome, even as individuals.
Rio+YOU desires but doesn’t expect solutions from the govenments.
Rio+YOU is focused on the individual conscience that, when put together to the collective conscience, is the only way to ensure sustainable development.
Rio+YOU brings back the diversity of each city and each community. It doesn’t intend to give directions but to learn together, celebrate and contagiate.

Some of the initiatives that will be organized.
1. Marchs, hikes, marathons.
2. Public recitals.
3. Projection of enviormental moveis.
4. Giant Pic-nics.
5. Collective Meditation and Yoga.
6. Bike Rallies, roller skates and skating events.
7. Art expositions.
8. Tresure hunts on bikes.
9. Comunitary cleaning.

How was Rio+YOU born?

As part of the Road to Rio+20 initiative, 30 organizations were represented by 40 young people from Latin America in the Latin American Youth Congress for Rio +20, held in Capilla del Monte (Córdoba-Argentina) from 28 September to 02 October. The congress was part of the official agenda of the UN preparatory events and the results were a declaration and an action plan that included the Rio + You identity that symbolizes the commitment of youth in the process of paradigm shift. From 10 to 16 November this year the Final Partners Meeting of the Road to Rio +20 initiative was held in New York (USA), to assess the results of the strategy approved in January and activities held throughout the year. This meeting brought together 20 organizations of all global partners representing Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and Latin America with the aim of engaging young people and organizations around the world for Rio +20. The only concrete and coordinated strategy that emerged from all the activities that took place in the year was the Latin American strategy worked in Capilla del Monte, Cordoba, called Rio + You - Its acceptance was unanimous and immediately began to work on it.

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