Earn While You Learn - eSparSha Campus Ambassador

Earn While You Learn - eSparSha Campus Ambassador [Closed]

Earn While You Learn - eSparSha Campus Ambassador [Closed]



Important Dates

Start Date: July 15, 2012
End Date : May 24, 2016

Deadline: June 30, 2012

Eligibility Undergrad Level,Grad Level,Postgrad Level

Type of Opportunity Campus job


Published OnMay 28, 2012

eSparSha : Campus Ambassador Program

About Us:

eSparsha is an online merchandise store that lets you create your merchandise just the way you wanted in the first place. Needless to say that wearing the apparel designed for you are setting standards for others. Your apparel defines you more than you can ever do.

eSparsha provides the backend for running your creativity into materials of substance. Be it T-shirts, SweatShirts, Caps or any other merchandise, we converts your design, with assured quality, without any quandary and well within expected deadlines. Competitive pricing apply :)

eSparSha’s Campus Ambassadors are the torch bearers for brand eSparSha at colleges and universities. eSparSha reaches out to colleges and universities across India through our College Ambassadors. Simply put, you are the interface between your campus and us. You innovate, we implement. And we assure you, it is gonna be a win-win relationship!!

You are, you do, you will...

• The link between the campus and eSparSha.
• Identify avenues in your campus in which eSparSha can have a role.
• It can be an event like a Technical or cultural fest or a simple yet memorable farewell gift from a batch to your alma mater which gave you everything. And these are just to name a handful!!
• Manage and co-ordinate eSparSha’s orders on campus. Remember, in your campus, you represent eSparSha! Contribute to making eSparSha’s presence felt in your campus (virtual as well as physical) .It can be sponsorship ideas, marketing methods (online & offline) and promotional campaigns with a focus on your institution….your call.

How will you benefit…

• Royalty - on every eSparSha merchandise sold in your institution by you. Not at all a bad deal, ain’t it?
• Exposure - Something that goes way beyond any certificate. You get hands on experience with institutional level co-ordination and thereby hone your managerial skills.
• Special gifts and out-of-the-box deal coupons for any personal merchandise you order through eSparSha.
• Cool gifts and fun eSparSha gears. Who knows, one fine morning, you might find someone knocking on your door, with a surprise gift from eSparSha!!
• Needless to say, you stand a good chance of increasing your social and professional network in college!

What should you have….

Oh!!! The important part. Okay….here we go. Passion, determination, communicating skills….blah blah. No. All you need is.....your college ID Card!

So, what are you waiting for? Get started by filling out the Application Form right here http://goo.gl/g8YcE

Queries? Drop in a mail to joinus@esparsha.com

Want to apply for this opportunity? Click here:


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