Content Strategist (Web Writer/Editor, Blogger, Marketer)

Content Strategist (Web Writer/Editor, Blogger, Marketer) [Closed]

Content Strategist (Web Writer/Editor, Blogger, Marketer) [Closed]



Important Dates

Deadline: May 18, 2012

Eligibility Undergrad Level

Type of Opportunity Part-time job


Published OnMay 16, 2012

WebileApps designs and develops high quality Web and Mobile applications. We specialize in iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows mobile application development. This is where simple ideas are turned into creative applications.Our Clients are spread across the globe and include companies ranging from Fortune 500 to start-ups in Silicon Valley.

We welcome you to consider becoming the Content Strategist for our Company and our Products.

As an Associate Content Strategist for WebileApps, you will have a lot of freedom to express your creativity and market your ideas to the world in context of the technology and the business revolving around WebileApps. You will be reporting to a Marketing Director and will be working closely with our Product Managers, Client Services and Business Development Personnel

Your basic tasks as a Content Strategist of WebileApps will be to Plan, Create, Organize and Manage the content staying up-to-date on technologies and trends related to Mobile and Web Apps and write about it in context of WebileApps and how our business is leveraging and applying those trends and technologies.

Some of the typical tasks include : Writing Blog Posts, Website Updates, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO & SEM), Press Releases, Social Media Marketing, Video creation and Editing is a PLUS.

The skill set we think will help bring LIFE to your WRITING and get things done : Familiarity and experience with any Content Management Systems(CMS) like Word Press, Drupal, Joomla etc. Email Marketing tools like Mailchimp or ConstantContract or VerticalResponse. Ability to create and edit compelling and engaging graphics (images, buttons, logos, banners..) using image editing tools like Photoshop or Gimp. Ability to create and edit videos using video editing software like Adobe Premier Pro or iMovie or Movie Maker.

We dont require you to have any qualifications for this job(did Mark Zuckerburg have any qualification to establish Facebook ? No he is a dropout). First thing we want from our content strategists is the willingness to voluntarily contribute ideas and take ACTION. If you show and get results in the probation period and are a good fit for the team you will be given an opportunity to join the team FULL TIME and our salary and perks are even better than some of the MNCs. Otherwise you will be a given an experience letter. The certificate of recognition is given depending on how well you perform.

WebileApps is an innovative endeavor and aims to be of admirable quality. So we seek people who can deliver to such standards. We expect our marketers to have the following qualities in addition to the skill set specified above:-

1) Interest in the theme of the Company i. e. Mobile Apps development and be able to relate and write in context of business.

2) Excellent ability to listen and observe.

3) Excellent writing skills. You have to be able to write articulately in proper english and do it with creative style.

4) Ability to come up with ideas for future blogposts and webpages.

5) Ability to learn and grasp quickly.

6) Self starter and ability to get things done with little or no supervision.

7) An avid reader of books and one who uses his right brain more often (You know what is the right brain used for ? right ?? If so please include the answer for it and list some of the books you like in the email you send to apply for this opportunity.

Dont worry if you feel you fall short of excellence in your abilities. At WebileApps we also try to teach our interns and train them.

If you are interested in working with a team who believes Ideas are good, Actions are better or if you think you can Change this world through your power of writing and marketing or if you would just like to be associated with and contribute to the philosophy of WebileApps, please contact us at the email listed below with a subject line As a Content Strategist for WebileApps, I Can Change this World through my power of Writing and Marketing


1) Our Marketing Director, who supervises the admission of new marketers into the team is a bit of a realistic person who believes in ACTION more than ideas. Dont just talk about your ideas but actually do it and show him the results and examples of your Ideas in Action. Example : Dont just say I can do this and that....., DO IT and show him your work. Be YOURSELF and show some personality while you are applying. As a sample test along with your examples, you could also send How many grammatical and spelling mistakes were there on this job description :)

2) Your inquiry need not be too formal. Casual queries do just fine. In fact we encourage you to be casual in your approach.

3) Resume is not compulsory but if you submit it along with your application email, we will get to know you better and given preference.

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